A Proven and Dedicated Collaborator!!

Victoria Lomond has always been very community-driven. As both a volunteer and a paid professional, she is highly energetic, and knows how to motivate people and projects. As you’ll hear from the people who have worked and volunteered with her, Victoria is a collaborative team player. Victoria’s demonstrated excellence in human services and program management makes her a natural to serve as your Councillor on Colchester County Council. She gets to the bottom of issues in order to help foster the success of others. Victoria currently works full-time at Colchester Community Workshops in Truro. She has been President of the Londonderry Community Centre for the past 7 years, so she knows rural life and its challenges. Victoria has also been a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team and a mentor with Truro’s S.T.A.R. Program. Her ability to thoroughly get to the details and make solutions work means she deserves our vote this fall! Vote Victoria Lomond for your District 10 Councillor!!